ANAT Ministries

We seek to align our efforts with our Gold Standard ‘Glorify God, Edify the Church, and Win the Lost”. As such, it is our desire that everyone grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ by connecting with his body, the church. In addition to the great relationships formed through attending our weekly services, we invite everyone to get involved in one or more of our many ministries. Below is more information about the various ministries where you can fellowship, serve and establish healthy and lasting bonds with each other.


“Worship and praise is our lifestyle!”


We use our various musical talents to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and offer true worship and praise in order to facilitate the conversion of the sinner and the encouragement of the saint.

ANAT Music Ministry (comprised of the choir and band ministry) ushers in the “presence of God” each service in which we minister, preparing the hearts of God’s people for the Word and setting the tone for lives to be changed!

We are here to proclaim the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” through music to the world around us, and to offer worship and praise to God while ministering to the body of Christ. We understand that it is not so much the talent that influences the lives of men and women, but the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
We seek to foster an environment of love and support for our families by affirming, equipping, and empowering married couples and families to live in healthy, resilient, loving, Christ centered relationships. In order to achieve its objectives, the Family Life Ministry has two (2) sub ministries, Seniors Ministry and Agape (Couples Ministry).

Our Seniors Ministry goal seeks to minister to the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of our senior adult members.

The Agape (Couples) aims to build families through the building of strong and healthy marriages.


By dividing the New York Metro area into seven zones, the ANAT Zonal Ministry seeks to minister to the needs of members and the communities in general through outreach programs. These include home meetings, visiting nursing home, visiting shut-ins, following up on visitors, and other outreach activities. 


The Zonal Ministry is at the forefront of ANAT 20/20 Vision to plant six (6) new churches by the year 2020.


In partnership with other ministries, the youth ministry of ANAT offers a welcoming and engaging environment for its youth and their friends to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. They have fun worshiping God while developing their God given gifts and talents for ministry and life on a whole and seek to have a Godly influence on their communities, school, work and other environments. We seek to nurture youth who serve God together in unity, who exemplify a life of faith, who are grounded in the word of God, and are the light that perpetuates in a world of darkness.


The Ladies Ministry focuses on the development of the “TOTAL” woman across the different age groups.  Our intention is to tap into what makes us special and unique as ladies in order to build the unity among us and to play our role effectively in kingdom building. We are an integral source of this process and are committed to providing women with the necessary tools to realize their full potential and purpose, both spiritually and naturally.


Equipping thru sound and Media

The Media Ministry is responsible for all the audio/visual and technological needs of All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle.  Using various tools we provide support to all other ministries to ensure the effective delivery of information and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our focus areas include: Audio & Video Mixing/Recording; Broadcasting (including Livestream); E-Campus; and Lighting & Stage Management



The multimedia team strives to be an integral part of every service. The team uses their talents to display multiple elements to assist in facilitating worship and praise. Their services are utilized by all areas of the church as they present various screens such as:
  • Announcements
  • Baby Dedication
  • Communion Covenant 
  • Lessons
  • Scriptures
  • Sermons
  • Song Lyrics
  • Videos


We offer an environment where singles can grow as they fellowship with others and offer their service to God.

Special Ministries

The mission of the Special Ministries at All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle (ANAT) is to minister to the felt needs of our members and the community at large in areas not covered by the regular ministries at ANAT.

 Special Ministries offers spiritual and practical support to members and the community through in-church and outreach programs and activities. 

ANAT Bible School
We prepare and endow our students to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is recorded in the word of God. We purpose to educate our students to become servant leaders to influence their churches and communities at large. We equip students with resources to maximize their innate abilities in Christ. We present practical tools and programs to promote spiritual and numerical growth in our student body.
We encourage all members of ANAT to participate in continuous and sustained prayer for our assembly, our community, our nation, and the whole world.
We welcome your to our prayer community. Please join us in prayer as well as submit any prayer requests that you may have. Prayer request can be submitted through the “Contact Us’ form located on this website (Contact Us webpage) 
The scripture, in Mark 16:15 (KJV) relays to us “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” We have embraced the motto as presented by the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) ” The Whole Gospel to the Whole World by the Whole Church”.
Jesus said “come unto me all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. 

If you are searching for Truth, Love, Peace and Satisfaction, Jesus is the answer. He is the way, the truth, and Life and he loves YOU!


We believe in dreams. We believe in purpose. And, we believe in the power of Jesus Christ! As an arm of All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle, we are committed to empower the men and boys in our church to impact their families and the broader community positively. Guided by biblical principles and other relevant research, we seek to promote and facilitate this empowerment through:
  • Corporate prayer
  • Social fellowships
  • Education
  • Economic development
  • mentorship, and 
  • community engagement

Our leadership, made up of a dynamic team of multigenerational brothers, is working on a series of events which are designed to help us achieve our God-given purpose and remain faithful to the vows that we made to God. 

In alignment with the overarching vision and mission of ANAT, the Christian Education Ministry aims to institute a spiritual, social, emotional and academic climate that will facilitate, foster and motivate the development of the “Total Man” from birth through adulthood.


Through solid Christian teachings and effective ministries, it is our goal to equip our children, youth and adults with the biblical knowledge and practical skills they need to impact their lives spiritually, socio-emotionally, and academically so they can live a victorious Christian life.


We provide broad based pastoral counseling to the church community for the healthy development of the whole man (mind, spirit and body).
The counseling services include marital counseling where we seek to build strong and fulfilling Christ centered marriages based on the “First Love” foundation, the relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Under the framework of Pastoral counseling, we offer individualized sessions and premarital counseling.
In our weekly marriage class we aim to assist in the development of strong marriages to enable couples to enjoy God’d blessing on this unique covenant relationship. We believe that strong and healthy marriages anchored on Jesus Christ produces strong families, strong churches and strong communities.